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Ohio is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is known for a variety of reasons, including being the birthplace of aviation, the home of multiple presidents, and for being a major player in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

One of the most significant industries in Ohio is manufacturing. The state has a long history of producing steel and other metal goods, which has led to the development of many related industries, such as automotive manufacturing and machinery production. Some of the largest employers in Ohio include General Motors, Ford, and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Another major industry in Ohio is healthcare. The state is home to many top-ranked hospitals and medical centers, including the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State Universitys Wexner Medical Center. The healthcare industry employs a large number of people in Ohio, including doctors, nurses, and support staff.

Other important industries in Ohio include agriculture, education, and finance. The state is known for producing crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, and also has a thriving dairy industry. Ohio is also home to many colleges and universities, including Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University, which provide job opportunities in education and research. In the finance sector, Ohio is home to many banks and financial institutions, such as Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank.

In terms of job opportunities, Ohio offers a diverse range of options. Some of the most popular jobs in the state include healthcare professionals, software developers, and customer service representatives. Many employers in Ohio offer competitive salaries and benefits, making it an attractive place to work.

Overall, Ohio is a state with a rich history and diverse economy. Its major industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, provide a range of job opportunities for those looking to work in the state.

Ohio United States of America

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United States of America Ohio

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building a set stage piece
US United States Star john S

framing and drywall for a stage piece for an artist

Remote Remote Star john O

Resume Writer: Experienced in crafting tailored resumes that highlight skills and achievements. ATS optimization, persuasive cover letters, and LinkedIn profile optimization. Proven success in securing interviews and job offers.

$200 Mobile Study for Specific Bank Credit Cards
Remote Remote Star Judy I

Credit card holders with specific banks are eligible for this $200 mobile study.

Lead generation
Remote Remote Star Larry A

I have a list of 500 customers I'd like you to cold call and sell my product

DevOps Engineer (with strong NodeJS background)
Remote Remote Star Andrea J

We’re looking to hire a full-time, remote DevOps Engineer (with strong NodeJS background). For this role, your primary focus will be collaborating with a team of developers in creating and implementing software applications and components.

Russian-English Translator Needed in Romania
US Posesti Ploiesti Star Jennifer G

Need Russian-English translator in northern Prahova county, Romania for 3 days

Credit Card Application Testing Project - Canada
Remote Remote Star Anshuman P

We would like to share an exciting PAID opportunity: We are looking for testers from Canada who are interested in functional testing. We are testing the credit card and bank account application process of a major bank in Canada.

Language Learning Application- Moderator
Remote Remote Star Nebula S

Nebula Software Corp. are looking to develop relationships with educators or translators as they begin posting on our public language learning social platform. https://heypalapp.com/

United States of America Ohio

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Freelance Musicians in HOT Demand
job.country Los Angelese

Are you a talented and passionate musician looking for an exciting opportunity in the vibrant city of Los Angeles?

United States of America Ohio

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in need of volunteers that have love for children
Remote Remote

we are looking for volunteers that can help us with doing counseling and giving hope to our children both the disabled and Orphans

United States of America Ohio

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ad.country The Sausage Castle Astatula

We are looking for someone to provide inhouse handyman services for a content creation home.

I will fast track token,coin listing on coinmarketcap,
Remote Remote

Fast track token,coin listing on coinmarketcap, coingecko, binance,trust wallet

Get paid up to $30/hour to chat with English learners!
Remote Remote

Get paid up to $30/hour to chat with English learners!

Cloud Devops Consultant
Remote Remote

Experienced Cloud DevOps Consultant available for Hire

Product Tester
Remote Remote

Be part of the design process and help shape the future of digital products

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